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Calling All Popcorn Fans! 

Do you love popcorn?  Do you eat it every day?  Dream about it every night?  Are you obsessed with unpopped kernels?  Do you secretly hate sharing your popcorn?  Do you tweet or FB about your love for popcorn using excessive punctuation marks??!!!

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then you are exactly the popcorn fan we’re looking for.  If you love popcorn, or if you know someone who loves this amazing popular American snack food, then nominate yourself or a friend and you just might end up being our Kernel of The Month.  Along with the dubious honor of being “Captain Kernel” the winner will receive a gift box that includes our favorite magical, munchable, maize and assorted goodies.

Captain KernelEntering is easy.  Just fill out the “I’m a Popcorn Lover!” form found on our Web site, including a statement about your love for popcorn (25 words or less).  If you have a photo of yourself making or eating popcorn, mail it along with your entry.  Winners will be chosen by our very own Poppy, the official mascot of the Popcorn Board. Contest open to U.S. residents only.    

So, c’mon popcorn lovers, enter today for your chance to win.  Then head for the kitchen and pop up a bowl of your favorite healthy, whole-grain snack!

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