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2010 Winners

Wow.  When we sent out the challenge to schools across the U.S. to tell (and show) us about your love of popcorn with true school spirit, little did we realize how creative you could be!  We were overwhelmed by the amazing amount of talent and dedication shown by students and teachers alike. 

Hebron High SchoolCongratulations to Hebron High School in Hebron, ND on winning 1st Place and $1,000 in our Popcorn Pep Club contest!  Hebron High embraced the challenge by incorporating popcorn into 8 different fields of study and finished the lessons by celebrating with popcorn. 

Hebron High teacher Kathy Nordgren shared this with us:
“Hebron High School is located on the great plains of North Dakota.  The nearly 100 students in the high school and their teachers took on the challenge of learning with popcorn.  The Junior Class prepared the popcorn.  These are some of the projects the day before our winter break:

  • The Junior Band learned a song called the Popcorn Prelude.  
  • The Math Class made Popcorn Prisms, which measured volume.
  • The History Class created various American Flags found in U.S. history, using popcorn
  • The FCS Class made the delicious Edible Popcorn Party Bowls.
  • The English Class played a game using adjectives to describe popcorn.
  • The Ag Class watched a movie about growing popcorn.
  • The Computer Class recorded the popcorn projects.
  • The Science Class built models of hydrocarbon fuels. (see picture)

In the afternoon they watched a movie at the local theater.  Oh - and of course - each one enjoyed a bag of popcorn!”

Due to the number of a-maize-ing entries we received, we have chosen to award two additional $500 prizes, selecting from our Middle School and Elementary School submissions.  Congratulations to Portage North Middle School of Portage, MI and to Carroll Elementary of Oak Harbor, OH on your $500 winning placements! 

Portage North Middle SchoolFrom Portage North Middle School teacher Jehan Olweean:
“At Portage North Middle School, Ms. Olweean’s class sells Popcorn every Tuesday.  Staff and students alike enjoy this healthy snack.  By 9 a.m., the halls are filled with the warm, buttery fragrance of freshly popped corn.

Ms. Olweean teaches students with Cognitive Impairments.  Along with functional academics, students learn important life skills.  The ultimate goal is for students to become as independent and successful as possible.  

These life skills are then put into practice on Community Based Instructional Outings.  Students travel to different areas in the community, such as a grocery store, shopping center, bus station, or restaurant, to demonstrate their social, problem solving, and money skills in a real-world setting.

Vocational skills are practiced while preparing and selling popcorn and profits fund the instructional outings.  Students focus on using good hygiene, a “proud voice,” eye contact, manners, problems solving and money skills.  Without Popcorn, these outings would not be possible!" 

Carroll Elementary Land LabAnd from Carroll Elementary Land Lab advisor Heather Dewitz, we received this:
“Carroll Elementary has a land lab where we bring inside classroom learning outdoors to teach children about recycling, environmental stewardship, and healthy eating habits.  There is a Land Lab Learners Club, which consists of 62 First thru Fifth graders.  

This year we chose to plant popcorn in one of our land lab beds.  We started the corn inside the classroom and then transplanted it into the land lab in May.  For the culmination of our popcorn project, we had a popcorn party.  We found some recipes like the Cheery Cherry Popcorn and the Grab and Go Pizza Popcorn.  The vote was nearly unanimous that Grab and Go Pizza Popcorn was the best!  

Although most of our party centered on eating popcorn, we used some of your facts about popcorn to teach us how popcorn pops, what type of corn pops and how good it is for us to eat.”