Kernel of the Month

Captain KernelJoin Now; Win Free Popcorn!
Calling All Popcorn Fans

Do you love popcorn?  Do you eat it every day?  Dream about it every night?  Are you obsessed with unpopped kernels?  Do you secretly hate sharing your popcorn?  Do you tweet or FB about your love for popcorn using excessive punctuation marks??!!!  If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then you are exactly the popcorn fan we’re looking for.
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Popcorn Pep Club

Popcorn Pep ClubShow your School Spirit and win $1,000!
Join our Popcorn Pep Club

Give me a P-O-P-C-O-R-N and what have you got?  A way for your school to win $1,000!  Get into the spirit by joining our Popcorn Pep Club, and you could be on your way to bringing extra school supplies, healthy snacks, or new equipment to your school.
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