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Popcorn: The little grain with a big history. 

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Everybody loves popcorn—the granddaddy of all snack foods.  Discovered in the Americas thousands of years ago, popcorn has captivated people for centuries with its mythical, magical charm.  Yet through the ages, popcorn has remained relatively unchanged.  Popcorn is a seed, which just happens to do some nifty things when heated.

The Popcorn Board is made up of popcorn companies who are responsible for getting that nifty little seed to you in whatever form you choose—kernels, ready-to-eat, or microwave.  We’re not necessarily farmers, but most of us come from farming or agricultural backgrounds.  Some of our parents and grandparents grew popcorn, packaged it, and sold it door-to-door or store-to-store.  They loved popcorn as do we.  It's why we're in business.

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But this is about you, and millions of people like you who eat it every day at home, work, or play.  Popcorn’s popularity comes from the fact that it tastes great, but also because popcorn is connected to good times and the people we love.  We eat popcorn while snuggling up together watching movies, sitting together playing games, cheering for favorite ball teams, walking hand-in-hand at a local fair, during seaside vacations, and while trekking thru the big city. 

Family on a swing enjoying popcorncouple enjoying popcorn at movie theaterfamily enjoying popcorn

At the heart of this endearing little kernel is a healthful whole-grain.  Popcorn adds fiber to the diet, is naturally low in fat and calories, gluten-free, and non-GMO, which makes it a great fit for today’s health conscious consumer.  Add in popcorn’s irresistible smell and taste, its seemingly magical seed-to-snack transformation, versatility, and the fact that it strikes a chord with the budget-minded, and it’s easy to understand why popcorn has remained so popular over time. 

We welcome you and encourage you to learn more about America’s oldest and most beloved snack foods and to share your thoughts about popcorn on any of our social media outposts.  Pop up a bowl and enjoy your time here.

Happy Popping!

The Popcorn Board