Popcorn Pep Club

2012 Winners

Hats off to all of you who entered our latest Popcorn Pep Club contest. There were an impressive array of entries this year and judging was difficult. We are proud of and impressed with all your efforts, but especially to a few special standouts:

Congratulations to Meek High School of Arley, AL, our $2,500 First Prize Popcorn Pep Club contest winners!

The students at Meek High School incorporated popcorn into all sorts of activities at their school. Principal Marla Murrah told us "Students at Meek High School have been excited to have a school project using popcorn. We already had popcorn at break on Thursdays; the warm, buttery fragrance of freshly popped corn fills our hallways and makes the whole day better. When our FACS teacher received a letter about this contest, we thought it would be a great way to raise money for our school.

  1. Each class used popcorn in homecoming decorations.
  2. Several teachers had popcorn lessons: popcorn ratios (math), popcorn physics (science), tasty toppings (home economics), even a songwriting contest (fine arts).
  3. Students read a “Pop-Ic” of the Day—a popcorn fact—on our daily announcements.
  4. We continue to have popcorn at break on Thursdays.

Whether we win or not, we still love popcorn and know much more about it now than we did before.

Watch their winning presentation and listen to the winning song on YouTube:

Congratulations to Southern Berkshire Regional School of Sheffield, MA on winning Second Place and $1,000!

Hats off to Southern Berkshire Regional School’s teacher Sue Petrucci, who submitted on behalf of her school. Their efforts included:

Sold flavored popcorn to fund our senior citizen luncheon
Made flavored popcorn for senior citizen lunch desserts

8th grade:
Figured out how much popcorn it would take to fill assistant principal’s office 
Did experiments with popcorn
Gave out faculty appreciation gift bags of white chocolate mint popcorn

Ate popcorn while watching a movie during Honors English

Gave popcorn party for class that brought in the most cookies for cookie walk

Junior-Senior lunch:
Did popcorn trivia on Trivia Thursday’s and gave out jars of flavored popcorn for prizes

3rd graders:
Studied the popcorn seed

Made a popcorn chain

Ate popcorn while watching a movie Fed birds and squirrels with left over popcorn before leaving on holiday vacation

School Pep Assembly 7th -12th:
Popcorn games Blue vs Gold Cheerleaders did a popcorn cheer Popcorn riddles during school wide scavenger hunt

Congratulations to Knoch Middle School of Saxonburg, PA and their $1,000 Third Place win!

Teacher, Mrs. White, wrote about her Middle School students fundraising efforts, "Our FCCLA members worked hard to promote popcorn as a healthy snack. They volunteered to give their time to make their ideas come together. They put together a rap/commercial that was played during Channel One for over a week in ALL classrooms. They did a fundraiser selling popcorn both to the middle and high school students raising money for the organization No Kid Hungry and rose over $150 dollars. The majority of the supplies were donated by the students themselves, not the school. The music video they put together is attached and includes facts about popcorn such as...it is whole grain, contains polyphenols a healthy antioxidant, etc. Students not only learned a lot about popcorn, but about lots of other valuable skills. Their commercial really kicked off because students in the hallway were singing "popcorn, everyone loves popcorn, whole grain popcorn...." It turned out to be a hit.

Honorable Mention

There were so many entries that we loved, we wanted to share these amazing students, schools and efforts with you.

Lubbock High School
Lubbock, TX
Maria Teresa Leos, Teacher

About Spirit:
The home school of Buddy Holly, Lubbock High showed their love of popcorn across Family and Consumer Science curricula. Child Development students demonstrated their appreciation for popcorn while researching and preparing snacks for kids with popcorn facts and watched children’s movies while eating popcorn. Interior Design students presented their partiality for popcorn by producing pillows pieced together and packed in popcorn, painted canvases in popcorn art, and embellished lampshades in covered corn. Fashion students exhibited their fancy for popcorn by fabricating fashionable attire in popcorn pearls, sequins, and fringe for Project Runway Lubbock High. This corn clothing challenge was a group project mimicking Lifetime’s television series “Project Runway.” Students competed for “Best of Show,” while community professionals selected the winning popcorn ensemble. Finally, Family Career Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) showed their enthusiasm for popcorn through an artistic exhibit giving homage to Buddy Holly in corned rimmed glasses and frame.

Glacier Peak High School
Snohomish, WA
Jamie Mesman-Davis, Teacher

About Spirit:
The Glacier Peak High School FCCLA club sponsored a Popcorn Awareness Month activity fair throughout the month of October. Daily announcements were made using popcorn trivia questions, 48 posters were hung around the school incorporating health, science, math, geography, nutrition, English and Family Consumer Sciences. All departments were brought into the learning, activities and fun. Teachers were encouraged to use trivia questions relating to their content area as the warm ups for each day. At lunch time- games were played in regards to popcorn, two large 4 foot size popcorn bags were hug up and questions taped to the bags. If students could correctly answer the questions they won a free bag of popcorn! If they couldn't they were sent on a scavenger hunt around the school to find the correct answer located on a poster hanging around the school. This was a fun way to promote healthy snacks and bring the school together to in a positive, educational way. We also sold popcorn, caramel popcorn and colored popcorn balls as a fundraiser. To promote sales we had a taste test challenge at each lunch where students could vote on their favorite kind of popcorn. We did a lot of things and had so much fun!!

Ozark Junior High School
Ozark, AR
Brenda Beard, Teacher

About Spirit:
Our Military Support Group needed a fundraiser that the other clubs in our school did not already use. We decided to sell popcorn every Thursday during lunch recess. The Military Support Group raises money for different activities throughout the school year. These include making a donation to the Wounded Warrior Project, our Veteran’s Day Program, Operation Christmas Present, sponsorship of a baby to the Dolly Parton Imagination Library and a field trip for the Military Support Students. Our school has a Veteran’s Day program each year with approximately 125 -140 guest. Military Support helps by serving and also paying for the lunch. Operation Christmas Present was started two years ago to provide Christmas gifts to our own Junior High students who have a younger sibling chosen to do “Shop with a Cop” for Christmas gifts. The Shop with a Cop program ends at 7th grade while our building has 8th and 9th grade students. Operation Popcorn Thursdays is a huge success!

Stamford High School
Stamford, CT
Patricia Chacra, Teacher

About Spirit:
Pop, Munch, K’Ching…raising money for children with cancer is one way my Family and Consumer Science students learn about heart healthy foods. A filling snack, students recognize air-popped corn’s nutritional benefits as a whole grain, high in fiber and low in calories. As founder and advisor to the Cancer Awareness Club, I guide students in raising money for a community member fighting a cancer diagnoses. Our current project is a Popcorn and Bake Sale. All proceeds from the sale go directly to the family in need.

As a Long Island Sound coastal community, our biggest challenge was the loss of our prepared goods due to power outages caused by Hurricane Sandy. My student’s Popcorn Spirit is resilient. After such a devastating loss, the students of Stamford High School renewed their determination, baked cookies for days, popped and packaged popcorn even though many of their homes were still without power.

Midland High School
Varna, IL
Carla Schaer
Family and Consumer Science Teacher

About Spirit:
The Ag Teacher and I joined together this year to incorporate popcorn in our classrooms. The Ag Teacher has FFA students help him plant the popcorn in the spring and harvest it in the fall. He also teaches a big unit in his foods science class using the harvested popcorn. His AG Business group did their Marketing presentation on popcorn. I use his popcorn in my foods, introduction to FCS, and parenting classes. In both classrooms we do science experiments on how popcorn can be popped. Have taste test on different varieties of popcorn and try different flavorings. The FFA sells their popcorn at school and community events. Popcorn is used in all different ways at our school.

Lake City High School
Coeurdalene, ID
Nichole Thiel, Teacher

About Spirit:
In my Fashion and Textiles class I assign a "Pop Corn" project. Each student it considered a Professional Designer. As their Client, my "product" is a pound of popcorn. They are to design "something" of their choice and decide who their market is they are trying to reach and why their product would sell. My grading criteria is: Needs to be recognizable, Needs to be "on" something (so I don't just get a bag of popped popcorn back), Must have three manipulations (painted, strung on wire or string, glittered etc., and lastly they need to had something of their choice in the form a designer Flare to the product. You will see in the picture I have a lamp, mask, purse, vases, eye class case etc. This is a VERY SUCCESSFUL project!

Valparaiso, IN
Pam Buckley, Teacher

About Spirit:
Popcorn Companies POPPIN-UP in Valparaiso;
All 64 Morgan Township’s eighth graders were assigned to 15 companies to become POPCORN ENTREPRENEURS.

SALES MANAGER created market surveys questioning customers about popcorn cravings.
PRODUCTION MANAGER got in kitchen cooking up a “new” recipe.
PACKAGE DESIGN MANAGER drew imaginative logo and label that included all FDA requirements.
ADVERTISING MANAGER composed an advertisement, billboard, and t-shirt design.

These are the “NEW” popcorn products:
CHEESY JOE’S POPCORN – “Have A Cheesy Day!”
CHOCOPOP – Hot Chocolate
CHUCKLES – Supports Riley’s Children’s Hospital
COOKIES & CREAM – Sweet & Salty
COLOR CORN – Dyed 5 Colors
D-JAZ – “Song in Your Mouth!”
HOPE – Epilepsy Awareness
KIMZ CORNZ – Only 130 Calories
M & MP – Justin Bieber Recommended
POPALICIOUS – Caramel Bacon – “ Midwest’s Popcorn”
POP-A-LOT PEP - Sportscorn
POPITY – Breast Cancer Donation
SANTA’S HELPERS – Peppermint & Chocolate
3 C’S – “Heart Attack Corn”

In our tiny K-12 school; POPCORN EXCITEMENT spread FAST!