Popcorn Pep Club

2013 Winners

WOW! You impressed us; you really, really impressed us. Congratulations to all of you who entered the Popcorn Pep Club Contest this past year. Your creativity was amazing and your efforts to show a winning display of school spirit was inspiring. Judging was very difficult, but there were a few special standouts:

Congratulations to Landisville Middle School of Landisville, PA, our $2,500 First Prize Popcorn Pep Club contest winners!

Landisville Middle School teachers Laura Hite, Sue Kress, and Clint Willman wanted to get the whole faculty and student body involved in their popcorn project. They used popcorn as a teaching tool across curriculum with their endeavors culminating in aschool-wide activity to create “Ginger Pop” villages using popcorn as the main building tool. Tables were lines up with graham crackers, icing, and popcorn and the results were pop-tastic! Monetary votes named the winning village with proceeds going to the Four Diamonds Fund helping children with cancer. Other activities included:

  • Stories in English
  • Measuring popcorn in Science
  • Reading about popcorn in Reading
  • Learning popcorn in Foreign Languages
  • Counting popcorn in Life Skills class
  • Painting pictures with popcorn in Art class
  • Singing popcorn song in Chorus
  • School hallways boasted popcorn facts and nutritional benefits
  • The students created TV shows demonstrating how to cook with popcorn making meatloaf and macaroni and cheese and other delicious meals
  • School created a video showing what the school had done
  • The LMS staff and students were “magically transformed” by using popcorn as a teaching tool.

Congratulations to Pilot Point High School of Pilot Point, TX on winning Second Place and $1,000!

Pilot Point High School teacher Judy Nelson wrote, “The Hospitality department at Pilot Point High School took the Popcorn Pep Club challenge by marketing popcorn throughout their school and community. Students broke up into teams to promote popcorn through a cross-curricular approach.” Some projects included:

  • Contest involving Guessing how many seeds are in a jar
  • Creating a popcorn page in the yearbook
  • Writing a children’s book titled “The Adventure of Captain Kernel” and read to intermediate school students
  • Popping and serving kettle and movie-style popcorn for one-act play
  • Stove-top cooking demonstration video
  • History of popcorn juggling video
  • Informational speech relating to agriculture and popcorn for the agricultural students
  • Popcorn popped in a traditional Mexican recipe as well as an Italian recipe to compare tastes from different places in the world

To see even more of their efforts, check out the photo montage

Congratulations to Lancaster Elementary School of Lancaster, NH on their $1,000 Third Place win!

Teacher Nora Beaton told us that the Lancaster Elementary School enrichment class at celebrated popcorn in many ways.  “We strung popcorn and hung it on trees around our school for the birds.  We made a huge popcorn ball to compare to the world’s largest and put it on display.  We drew, colored, and cut out shapes of popcorn pieces to write interesting facts and jokes about popcorn on and hung them on all 420 lockers.  Many people have commented on how much they’ve learned about popcorn.  We wrote a song about popcorn and performed it for several classes.

Using Styrofoam cups, we spelled out “POPCORN” on a fence in our playground area and put hearts on either side to show our love for the fluffy snack food.  We read the book Popcorn by Frank Asch to all the kindergarteners and first graders.  We even helped the art teacher create popcorn art snowmen.

There were so many entries that we loved, we wanted to share these amazing students, schools and efforts with you.

Mattawan Middle school
Mattawan, MI
Ann Pierluissi & Melinda Boydston, Teachers

The Technical Literacy and Life Management classes are combining efforts to win a grant which involves the entire school community, with popcorn taste testing and filming.

The taste test involves students, teachers, administration, and bus drivers to taste test 4 different flavors and rank them.  While taste testing, a film crew video recorded the action.  We created and submitted a video.

After the taste testing is complete, a chart was compiled showing MMS favorite flavor.  We will then make our favorite flavor and give bus drivers and the parent association a bag of "Mattawan Middle School's Favorite Popcorn Flavor"!  Along with the bag of popcorn, a nutrient/benefits of popcorn handout will be given and a thank you for taking care of our school and students.

Salem Community High School
Salem, IL
Kari Thackrey, Teacher

We had so much fun participating in the Popcorn Pep Club!  We tried to involve as many different students as possible.

  • The Green Clean Recycling Team made a popcorn bucket out of upcycled paint samples
  • The special ed math class received popcorn snacks as a reward for their work with the recycling team
  • Orientation to FCS made popcorn witches hands for Halloween while the teacher read popcorn health facts to the students
  • The Housing class created a popcorn house. Furniture, lights, and all from popcorn and kernels
  • The housing class also got to snack on popcorn and listen to health benefits of popcorn
  • Band sells popcorn during basketball and football games
  • Three classes of Foods 1 made all sorts of popcorn desserts for Halloween
  • A popcorn bulletin board hangs in the Foods room, where 7 different classes meet daily
  • A baby shower was thrown for a teacher, where the favor was a bag of popcorn treats with a tag that read ready to pop

North Stafford High School
Stafford, VA
Michele McVey, Teacher

On Saturday November 23rd my class held a free “Family Fun Popcorn Carnival” for needy families of the Fredericksburg Virginia area that included:

  • Popcorn research on: its history, its nutritional value, various trivia facts and carnival games involving popcorn
  • Popcorn nutrition facts and trivia labels (1000) were made and given to local movie theaters to be stuck to their popcorn buckets
  • Ten, popcorn related carnival games were designed, built and used at the carnival.  Games included: popcorn tick-tac-toe, popcorn race, popcorn ball toss, popcorn ring-toss and many more
  • Popcorn photo booth
  • Bags of popcorn were given out
  • Popcorn trivia posters and nutrition facts were hung around the room and on the lunch tables during lunch

We raised over $2000 in sponsorship's for this community service event, 60 students volunteered and 160 needy children and their families had a wonderful day of fun, food, learning and popcorn!! 

Edison Middle School
Sioux Falls, SD
Janelle Revier, Teacher

Great ideas for how to enter this contest just kept POPPING UP!

We wrote popcorn Hiaku poetry on enormous popcorn kernels and had them erupt from a bucket of popcorn in the hallway. We conducted a Science experiment and worked with percentages averages, volume, and graphing. We called the number on the back of a bag of Jolly Time popcorn and convinced the CEO to have a discussion with our class via Skype. We went on a field trip to a neighborhood elementary school. The actual temperature the day we walked to the elementary school was MINUS ELEVEN. Brrrrrr. We took the 3rd and 4th graders a treat we made from popcorn and talked to them about being kids of character. We also shared some popcorn trivia with them. We made lots of fun recipes. Popcorn balls, French vanilla popcorn, popcorn toppings, caramel popcorn bars. Even cupcakes that looked like little buckets of popcorn. We read trivia daily over the school intercom. We challenged the 800 plus students in our building to learn more about popcorn. We created decorative vessels to hold our freshly popped corn and homemade toppings. We viewed an episode of Good Eats that taught us many interesting popcorn facts.  We took lots of pictures and made a video that we can't upload. Please contact if possible to enter it another way. With popcorn as our vehicle we touched on every discipline in the school, practiced kitchen safety, cemented our skills to read recipes, laughed together and learned together.

Reading High School
Reading, MI
Debra Price, Teacher

My Careers 7 class created a business and had to develop a product to sell to the student body.  They made "sweet pops," a popcorn treat covered in white chocolate and laced with chocolate creme filled cookies.  Students had to advertise, make, bag and sell their product.  They also created a video to tell about the product:

Britton-Hecla High School
Britton, SD
Natasha Streier, Toni Symens, Julie Nelson, Amberlyn Crews, Teachers

At Britton-Hecla High School, our school loves popcorn.  During home games, our concession stand sells popcorn to raise money for our school trip to Florida. Popcorn is the best seller along with drinks. Sometimes during school our hallways smell like popcorn from hungry teachers making themselves a snack. Many kids from our school work at the local movie theater where they sell popcorn. This popcorn is nice and buttery, just the way many like it. Tons of locals come to the theater every weekend and have to buy some of the delicious popcorn. That is how our community uses popcorn.

Popcorn has always been an important part of our school and community.  You can always find the student body eating popcorn while cheering on our sports teams in the stands, or eating it in our local movie theater. When you think of popcorn, what do you think of? Our creative art sculpture group immediately thought of the iconic “popcorn guy”: Orville Redenbacher. He’s a legend! We wanted to do something original also, so our final idea was to make a head and bust of Mr. Redenbacher. We made his suit jacket, undershirt, and head completely out of popcorn. And, his bowtie and glasses are made of the un-popped kernels. We hope you like it!

Westbrook Middle School
Westbrook, CT
Jamie Bellonio, Teacher

The students of Room 100 want to toot their own horn,
We take orders, write tags, make, bag and sell…
Our very own tasty POPCORN!

We use an industrial popcorn machine to sell to the teachers of Westbrook Middle and High School. Bought with grant money from the Walmart in Old Saybrook, CT our machine is our key popcorn tool!

The money we earn funds our weekly, educational field trips
for all the students in Room 100 where we’ve learned banking skills and how to leave tips!

All the teachers will be excited to hear soon we will offer flavored popcorn and that we entered this contest this year!