2014 Winners

Congratulations to everyone who entered the 2014 Popcorn Pep Club contest! Your creativity and spirit really showed through and we were thrilled to see such talent and dedication from students and teachers alike.  The competition was so tough we decided to award additional Honorable Mention prizes for a contest total of $8,500!  Prizes are awarded to the following:

Grand Prize--$2,500 (1 total)

Portville Central School
Portville, NY
Teacher: Sierra Beaver

Portville Central School entered a video showcasing the 6th grade effort.  Teachers and students alike appeared in the video with scripted scenes and a carefully timed lip-sync at the end.  The school used popcorn across disciplines including: Home and Careers, recipe research, creation, and taste test; Art, drawings of mascot Poppy and popcorn short story books; ELA, poetry, poems, short skits, alliteration, jokes; Science, conduction experiment, convection explanation, example of transference, radiation; Social Studies, research popcorn history, classification,  cultivated corn in history, popularity of popcorn in the past and present using fun facts.  Finished with lip-sync music video and anti-bullying message. 

Second Place Prizes--$1,000 each (2 total)

1) Central Columbia High School
Bloomsburg, PA 
Teacher: Sharon Kerstetter

Family Consumer Science students’ brains were POPPING at Central Columbia High School while up to their elbows in various popcorn projects, which were delivered in visual and written form.  In addition, students engaged the entire school population with popcorn facts, a trivia question of the day, blind taste tests, and gourmet samples in "Popcorn Alley" during a two-week period.   Daily popcorn trivia winners were awarded with homemade popcorn balls and scratch-n-sniff popcorn bookmarks.  Our cheerleading squad created and performed a special POPCORN cheer.  To best understand how popcorn was used as a learning tool in Sports Nutrition, Family Living, Child Development, Basic Foods, and Gourmet Foods, it is best to watch our video.... with closing remarks by “Orville Redenbacher!”  Much appreciation to our Video Productions teacher and students for their efforts to film, edit, and produce this video.

2) Pleasant Hills Middle School
Pittsburgh, PA 
Teacher: Bob Hasak

Pleasant Hills Middle School is filled with school spirit.  We use PRIDE (Preparation, Respect, Individuality, Determination, and Effort) to instill proper values and attitude in the students as they walk through our hallways.   We complete this task with a lot of hands-on activities and strive to get the students learning in a way that is safe, dynamic & creative.

Our popcorn week consisted of ratios of popped  to “unpopped” kernels in math, learning what makes the kernels pop in science, and the history of popcorn in social studies.  In the elective classes, we explored popcorn in a variety of ways. In Health class the students learned about the nutritional value of popcorn.  In Family and Consumer Science class, we researched healthy recipes, made a cookbook, and then we prepared and enjoyed some delicious popcorn. The computer class created a popcorn inspired videogame.  We loved our popcorn week!


Honorable Mentions--$500 each (8 total)

1) West Allegheny Middle School
Imperial, PA 
Teacher: Claire Bertinet

West Allegheny Middle School's 8th grade Family and Consumer Sciences class dove into an intriguing and delicious unit on popcorn. WA's mascot is the Indian so we studied why corn was such a vital resource for the Indians. We also looked at the many uses of corn; the most delicious being popcorn! We learned how popcorn pops too! Each kitchen group then researched and made a popcorn recipe. There was zebra, cheddar, cookies and cream, Movie Theater, chocolate pie, party sprinkles, pizza, and red sweetened popcorn! Their mouthwatering descriptions and pictures can be seen in the video. We had an amazing time learning about, cooking, eating, and celebrating popcorn! The West Allegheny Indians LOVE POPCORN!

2) Jackson Center Local Schools
Jackson Center, OH 
Teachers: Vicki Kipker, Sarah Kipker and Sandra Corbet

Students in grades 4-12 participated in popcorn based education and learning experiences.  4th and 5th grade students created works of art using both the unpopped and the popped kernel. 6th grade science students did background research on popcorn facts before developing their experiment.   The class set up an inquiry based experiment and measured the mass of the popcorn before popping and then measured the mass after popping. Based on their data they concluded that the mass of the popcorn increases after it is popped. Students in FCS classes, grades 9-12, created original popcorn recipes.  A total of 9 recipes were made and included in a recipe-judging contest.  The winner popcorn recipe was a salted caramel and white chocolate popcorn. All the students had a lot of fun with all three projects.

3) McFerran Preparatory Academy

Louisville, KY 
Teacher: Pamela Sutton

Our Popcorn spirit is very true! The aroma of goodness flows throughout our school. The Head Start One Mile Walkers Club consists of 20 students. We are a Health and Fitness Preschool program that I started in the spring of 2009. These children are taught on a daily basis on how to eat healthy, how to grow a garden and to understand our region for Planting.  As part of our daily fitness activities we pretend to be Corn Kernels Popping by bending down and jumping up when they think the kernels are hot enough to pop! I’m hoping that we can win a Popcorn Popper...we've enjoy using our until it will no longer pop corn!

4) Brockbank Junior High School
Magna, UT 
Teacher: Kevin McDaniel

The students in two media and video production classes worked together to create their first ever stop motion animation video. As they each took different sections to film, animate, edit, and add music, they did a wonderful job. Their work truly shows that "popcorn makes everything better.”

5) Eagle Ridge Middle School
Ashburn, VA
Teacher: Beth Newport

At Eagle Ridge Middle School, we have been chosen as the pilot for “One With the World” which allows us to bring our own devices to school for learning and education.  Our FACS department decided to raise money to purchase tablets for our classroom by holding a Popcorn-a-thon. We want to go digital with our recipes, write in our blogs and show other FACS departments that technology can be used in Family and Consumer Science classes.  We have three FACS classes, which consist of eighty brilliant and creatively minded students who brainstormed to come up with the Popcorn-a-thon and enter the Popcorn Pep Club Contest.  After much planning, organizing and advertising, we ran the Popcorn-a-thon for two days, December 17th and 18th.  We opened it up to the entire school, showing them demonstrations, different types of seasonings and recipes, as well as teaching popcorn nutrition. Classes from all grade levels participated and it was such a success, that we have been asked to make it an annual event!  Our hope as a class was that everyone had fun and learned more about the history and awesomeness of POPCORN!

6) Northfield Middle School
Northfield, MN 
Teacher: Mrs. Jackie Magnuson

Northfield Middle School’s Popcorn Pep Club had students creating interesting science experiments, yummy math problems, and very creative snacks.  Did you know popcorn WILL pop in the oven at 500 degrees? Removing the moisture in the seeds reduces the amount of popcorn that pops, it also affects the size and the taste. Dying popcorn kernels does not produce red or green popcorn. But we know how to make them dance!  Students created a Jeopardy board filled with popcorn facts.
How much popcorn does the average person eat in a year? This had us talking about volume in math. (We think the average is low.) Maybe it's because we love the Friday popcorn fundraiser in the Media Center!  After making caramel corn, we popped a few other recipes. We loved the “Frozen” inspired popcorn balls.  We hope our video shows how much we learned, munched, and what fun we had. (Without being too CORNY!)

7) Lubbock High
Lubbock, TX 
Teacher: Dr. Maria Teresa Leos

Lubbock High School demonstrated their love for popcorn as the Advanced Fashion Design class contended for the Best of Show during a Popcorn Project Runway Challenge.  Fashion Design students featured themes such as Midnight Popcorn Treat, Popcorn Prom and The Indian Sari, A Cultural Corn Classic.  The designs were studded in painted popped popcorn and kernels. FCCLA Students also promoted their love for popcorn during a Halloween Popcorn Bucket Challenge to raise funds for an Anti-Bullying Campaign as they involved the entire student body who voted for one administrator and one teacher to be challenged.  The Popcorn Bucket Challenge involved FCCLA members dumping approximately a ten-gallon bag of popcorn as they sprinkled the selected faculty member and administrator with season salt and squirted them with butter for the cause.  During the assembly, two students featuring the best costumes were also awarded with a popcorn bucket filled with popcorn treats. 

8) Holland High School
Holland, MI 
Teacher: Stephanie Campbell

My students completed a popcorn video doing many activities with the school.  The students organized a carnival, popcorn Friday and commercial ads correlating different core subjects. The students put together the carnival to get interaction with younger students at Jefferson Elementary while correlating different core subjects.  During popcorn Friday my students raised $37 in 30 minutes to go towards our school’s fundraiser "power of one" which helped families in need over the holidays.  The popcorn met Michigan States standards for Food and Nutrition while having facts about popcorn on each bag.