2018 Winners

The 2018 Popcorn Pep Club challenge drew an impressive array of creative entries from schools across the nation, showcasing the heart and soul of teachers and students alike. It is an absolute pleasure to look through these entries every year and learn more about you and what makes you tick, so thank you for taking the time to make us smile. We are proud of you all! Your 2018 Popcorn Pep Club winners are:

Grand Prize - $2,500
Mechanicsburg Area Senior High SchoolMechanicsburg, PA 
Teachers: Sarah Berger, Jennie Brokenshire, Delsie Zdanowicz
Principal: David Harris

"At Mechanicsburg, we integrated popcorn into all of our FCS classes, including Foods & Nutrition, Fashion Design, Child Development, and FCS club. In Foods & Nutrition 1 class, our students were challenged to use 5 cups of popcorn to prepare a recipe to be judged in a competition. While preparing, they recorded the process to create their own “Tasty” style videoOnce their recipes were plated, teachers, administrators, and other school staff members were invited to come down and judge their presentations. Students also submitted their recipes to create a recipe booklet. In Advanced Foods & Nutrition, students were surprised with a "Chopped" competition where popcorn was one of their mystery box items. Judges included teachers, administrators, and support staff. Students also used popcorn to help decorate their gingerbread houses in a decorating competition. In Fashion Design, students were challenged to design dresses using toilet paper and paper towels and had to incorporate the mystery element, popcorn, on day 2 of the challenge. Students from the whole school were invited to vote on the winning design. The Advanced Fashion Class was challenged to construct wearable garments and compete in a Project Runway Competition. Popcorn was used during the Winter Wonderland Fashion Show as “SNOW.” In Child Development, students were challenged to create lessons and activities that utilized popcorn and could be used in the MASH preschool. They then applied this to what they’ve learned and specified what developmental skills were being practiced. In FCS club, students prepared 5 different popcorn recipes and packaged them to be delivered to teachers around our school to show appreciation. As a school, we also had a food drive that the FCS club organized. Popcorn was collected to serve as a nonperishable healthy snack for families who benefit from our Wildcat Pantry. Students and staff had SO much fun with all of these activities!"

2nd Prize - $1,000
Mountain Sky Middle School,  Phoenix, AZ
Teacher: Julia Wright
Principal: Perry Mason

"My school has incredible Popcorn Spirit! 55 teams of students in 7th and 8th grade created popcorn themed businesses and we have used popcorn to raise money and enthusiasm about school programs." 


3rd Prize - $1,000
Howells-Dodge Consolidated Schools, Howells, NE
Teacher: Marla Prusa
Principal: Cole Fischer 

"At Howells-Dodge Consolidated Schools, our theme for our 2018 Popcorn Pep Club Project was "It's Popcorn Time." Our students showed their spirit for popcorn by getting students and staff of all ages involved in this project, where students learned more about popcorn and its role in a healthy diet, prepared popcorn recipes, conducted a creative popcorn snack contest, shared popcorn treats with our staff, and popped and served popcorn to people of all ages at our school's concession stand. We utilized resources from The Popcorn Board to help make our project an educational success." 


Honorable Mention - $750
Ithaca, Richland Center, WI 
Teacher: Jill Plonka
Elementary Principal: Kathleen Schoen

Wilson Middle School, Appleton, WI  

Teacher: Jennifer Berndt

Principal: Scott Werfal


Honorable Mention - $500  

Stissing Mountain Jr Sr High School, Pine Plains, NY
Wayne Middle School, Bicknell, UT
Turtle Hook Middle School, Uniondale, NY
Iroquois High School, Iroquois, SD
Walnut Springs ISD, Walnut Springs, TX


Please note: The winning schools do not need to do anything further to collect their prizes. We will contact you by mail.