Encyclopedia Popcornica
Encyclopedia Popcornica

Welcome to the Encyclopedia Popcornica,where you'll find science, history and the answers to everything you've ever wanted to know about popcorn but were too busy eating to ask.

  • Industry FactsWhat Makes Popcorn Pop?
    It's not magic. It's just food.
  • Pop Videos!
    Learn more about the science of why popcorn pops. Watch kernels explode in super slow motion.
  • The History of Popcorn
    From popcorn's ancient history to the evolution of poppers, popcorn has a greater history than you might imagine.
  • Popcorn Tips
    Here you'll find ways to best store popcorn, how to save unpopped kernels and even a refresher course in popping popcorn without a popper.
  • Industry Facts
    How much popcorn does America eat?
  • Popcorn Poppers
    What to look for, what to buy.
  • Sources & Bibliography
    Great books for further popcorn study.