National Popcorn Day

Two young girls happily sharing a bowl of popcornJanuary 19th is National Popcorn Day, a day bursting with goodness and good taste. National Popcorn Day celebrates one of nature’s most extraordinary foods: popcorn! Popcorn has the unique ability to literally turn itself inside out, providing whole-grain goodness in a tasty snack. 

If you’re looking for ways to celebrate, why not try some of the recipes you’ll find on our website?  We have hundreds to choose from⁠—savory, sweet, and just about every flavor in between. You’re sure to satisfy your craving for something delicious (and you might even discover new taste sensations).  

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10 National Popcorn Day Activities

Thank you to Leslie F., a teacher from Concord, Illinois, who sent the following suggestions for Popcorn Day Activities:

  1. Stringing Popcorn: This can be hung outside for birds to eatNeed: sewing needles, string, popcorn.
  2. Guess the Amount: Fill container with kernels and have students guess. Need: popcorn kernels, container.
  3. Popcorn Air Hockey: Can you “volley” the kernel back and forth 20 times without letting it fall? Need: flat surface (table), straw (to blow), coffee stirrers (as paddles) or hands (as paddles).
  4. Popcorn Relay RaceNeed: popcorn, spoons.
  5. Popcorn Basketball: Can you flick a piece of popcorn into the basket? Need: popcorn, baskets (i.e. muffin tins, small cups), backboards (wall, cardboard).
  6. Popcorn word search (puzzle maker). Use these words: popcorn, pop, kernel, explode, heat, moisture, grain, snack, crunchy, butter, oil, salt, fiber, bag, hull.
  7. Write a Popcorn Haiku (5, 7, 5 syllable pattern poem): Like this!
    Oil, kernels, heat, time
    Many loud explosions heard
    Pop, crunch, snack time. Yum!
  8. How many words can you make from this phrase? "Fresh hot popcorn”, “Popcorn tastes good”, “I like popcorn”, “Hot buttered popcorn.”
  9. Popcorn coloring pages.
  10. Read facts about popcorn and write about the history of popcorn.