Popcorn Pep Club Contest

Give me a P-O-P-C-O-R-N and what have you got? A chance to win cash prizes for your school! Every fall, we hold our annual Popcorn Pep Club Contest. Schools from all over the U.S. are invited to showcase their team spirit and love of popcorn for a chance to win!

This year's contest is currently closed, but will reopen in the fall.

Popcorn Pieces

Submission Ideas

Throughout our website, you’ll find plenty of material that can be used to foster classroom learning. Your contest submissions might contain:

  • Creating works of art using popcorn as the basis
  • Writing stories about the history or folklore of popcorn
  • Making a popcorn recipe as part of an FCS class
  • Building a popcorn-themed science project
  • Selling popcorn during a school function or fundraiser
  • Producing a popcorn video

Popcorn Pep Club Submissions


2020 Contest Winners

The 2020 Popcorn Pep Club challenge drew an impressive array of creative entries from schools across the nation, showcasing the heart and soul of teachers and students alike. It is an absolute pleasure to look through these entries every year and learn more about you and what makes you tick, so thank you for taking the time to make us smile. We are proud of you all! Your 2020 Popcorn Pep Club winners are:

"Students in the Family and Consumer Sciences classes at Howells -Dodge Consolidated Schools in Howells, NE were challenged to create a project that promoted popcorn in the school and community. The students worked together to create a theme, activities, and engaging experiences that would educate students about popcorn and promote the nutritional benefits of eating popcorn. The students utilized resources from The Popcorn Board at www.popcorn.org as they designed their project that reached elementary, junior high and senior students, staff, parents, and community members.

After learning more about popcorn and its nutritional value themselves, FCS students began brainstorming and came up with the theme, “Power Up with Popcorn”. They decided to design educational experiences that could be done with the elementary students in our building. The students also created a lesson on popcorn that could be shared with students in the junior high FCS classes. They also made plans for a holiday popcorn recipe competition, where students in high school FCS classes would prepare holiday treats using popcorn. They planned to share them with students in the high school to determine the favorite. FCS students made popcorn treats to share with staff members during the holidays. Finally, students planned to promote popcorn in the community by providing popcorn at the concession stand for basketball games."

"Because everything around us looks so different this year, including our school year, we decided to take a different approach to our yearly popcorn activities. My high school Culinary students handed out over 200+ bags of popcorn kernels to our middle school students. The bags included the following: a pamphlet with an inspirational quote from our principal, two methods to pop their popcorn, and a hashtag we created for them to share their photos with our school community, #sharethesmallmoments.

We hoped that by handing out popcorn to everyone, we can focus on what we truly value, and that is family and community. We hope that by handing out the bags of popcorn kernels, students were able to share a special moment with their family and in turn shared that moment with us by using the hashtag referenced above. We emailed all the middle school parents with information about our project as well as posted it on our school Instagram accounts. If a student does not have social media, we are asking that they submit their photos to us so that we can share the photos with our school community."

"The Fall 2020 school year has been a challenge for everyone. The Van Meter School Foods 1 class took on the popcorn challenge and worked hard to spread the word to our entire student body and staff about making smart snacking choices by eating popcorn. They created bulletin boards to educate peers and adults about popcorn facts and the benefits of eating popcorn for everyone, including the benefits for athletes. Even though we had very limited access to cooking and taste testing, students applied STEM principles to create or modify popcorn recipes. They developed yummy recipes for green onion cheddar popcorn, taco popcorn, a popcorn omelet and maple bacon caramel corn. We also had a group of students make a fun video to encourage students to choose popcorn over candy. Even though this school year has been a challenge, we still were able to share our projects with our entire Jr High and High school student body, about 450 students. They have a better understanding of the benefits of popcorn and how they can enjoy this healthy fun snack while at home or at a school activity. Popcorn - Just Eat it Up!"

"CHOOSE HAPPY: In the crazy world we have been living in this past year, we choose to be HAPPY/THANKFUL. Our 5th grade, in person classroom, created a Thankful Turkey. The students popped popcorn and used kernels to create a Turkey, mask and all, and each wrote something they are thankful for this year on a feather. It was such a fun 6ft away project that we could do that tied into our writing and engineering curriculum. The students came up with how to create the turkey, voted on the best one and came up with a plan. They went through the whole engineering process and our final project turned out AMAZING!!"

Please note: The winning schools do not need to do anything further to collect their prizes.
We will contact you by mail.