Popcorn Pep Club Contest

Give me a P-O-P-C-O-R-N and what have you got? A chance to win cash prizes for your school! Every fall from October 1 through December 31, we hold our annual Popcorn Pep Club Contest. Schools from all over the U.S. are invited to showcase their team spirit and love of popcorn for a chance to win!

This year's contest is CLOSED.

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2019 Contest Winners

The 2019 Popcorn Pep Club challenge drew an impressive array of creative entries from schools across the nation, showcasing the heart and soul of teachers and students alike. It is an absolute pleasure to look through these entries every year and learn more about you and what makes you tick, so thank you for taking the time to make us smile. We are proud of you all! Your 2019 Popcorn Pep Club winners are:

"What do art, music, economics, entrepreneurship, and PE have in common? Popcorn, of course! Our Popcorn Pep Club Project started as a discussion in a department meeting and grew into an ambitious project reaching more than 400 students spanning five different subjects. The teachers involved in the project decided that the 8th Grade Entrepreneurship class, led by teacher Mr. Jamaal Scott, would be the hub. Those students, acting as business developers and entrepreneurs, would employ the services of the other classes to provide market researcher, production and advertising. Project elements included: project design, surveys, yield/cost/testing, nutrition facts, packaging, solar popping (an experiment that did not work but evoked the Michael Jordan quote “I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.”), music, and video production.

The result was the development of over 75 popcorn business logos, dozens of packaging prototypes, 35 PowerPoint presentations, and much, much more. As a result of this cross-curricular project, teachers gained a better understanding of each other’s disciplines. Though this shared experience, we formed stronger bonds among the teachers in the electives department.

This project served as a proof of concept for further integration of electives in multidisciplinary instruction. Additionally, projects like this one provide real world, authentic learning experiences for our students. Thank you to the Popcorn Board for inspiring us to create this project."

"This year the 5th and 6th grade classes at Delwood Elementary hosted a popcorn carnival for the rest of the school. The carnival games were educational and most were STEM based. The students created the popcorn-themed games and signage, and worked at the tables and games while the rest of the school came through the carnival. The students playing the games were given tickets, which could be redeemed for prizes including popcorn snack mix and old-fashioned popcorn balls. The students created a video with a scripted story of a girl who falls asleep and dreams of going to a popcorn carnival, the basis for the carnival that actually took place at the school."

"At Bermudian Springs High School, Level 2 Art students showcased their artistic talents in and outside of the Art classroom using popcorn. Not only did they create original works of art using popcorn, they spread their knowledge of popcorn to other curricular areas as well. Students made a surprise visit to health students in class to share popcorn nutrition information with them. They then gave them a popcorn snack to eat making sure they knew the calorie content and health benefits. Art students created an environmental awareness project using popcorn for the trees outside the art room. Students took corncobs and layered them with peanut butter then added natural popcorn (research suggested that birds don’t like the butter). These will serve as bird feeders this winter. French students were given corn kernels for their French bingo game and students learned how to say popcorn in French. One art student created a coloring paper featuring a Santa hat-wearing popcorn kernel. Small children visiting the school with the Interact Club used the coloring paper as an activity during their annual babysitting night. Other art projects made of popcorn include a picture of our school mascot (eagle), a few movie popcorn box artworks, and a popcorn dragon hanging off of a tower. Of course we also had to add our version of Van Gogh’s Starry Night done only in popcorn! To get the student body participating in our celebration of all things popcorn, students were asked to guess how many kernels were in a clear jar with the winning guess receiving two movie tickets. Students were using mathematical equations to try to figure out how many kernels were in the jar. In addition all staff and students were invited to participate in a survey about their favorite popcorn topping. With over 150 responses, butter was the winning topping! Recipes were shared with students and plans are in place to make these specialty flavors."

Please note: The winning schools do not need to do anything further to collect their prizes.
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